Non-Aromatic Tobacco

Non aromatics use little or no flavorings.  Typically these tobaccos smoke cleaner and offer a truer tobacco taste.    This type of tobacco includes Matured Virginias.  Virginia tobacco contains a higher sugar content than Burley tobacco and thus provides a naturally sweet flavor.  With Matured Virginias the tobacco is pressed into 'cakes' and allowed to mature for a time creating the dark color and bringing out the sugar content.  Stoved Virginias are further 'cooked' creating an almost black color and creating a spicy taste to the tobacco.   These tobaccos often come in a 'flake' form (slices of tobacco) or in a rough cut (large broken flakes) which require them to be rubbed out into smaller pieces for easy loading in the pipe.
Other non-aromatic tobacco types include English blends and Orientals. Oriental tobaccos come primarily from the Black Sea region.  These are smooth mellow tasting tobaccos with a bit of spice and a woodsy flavor.  English blends typically consist of Oriental tobacco and Virginias with a little Latakia tobacco included.  Latakia tobacco comes from Cyprus and Syria and is processed by cooking the tobacco over a smoky fire which adds the distinctive Latakia smokiness and spice.  One sniff of the tobacco will readily reveal Latakia.
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